Anchors Away–First of Many Posts…

I had a *GREAT* shoot this weekend on a project that my genius friend Gia Mora & I have been working on for about a year. We, somehow, persuaded about 40 of our most talented friends and colleagues to come to shoot it and I’m still asking myself…WTH. I’m in awe of the generosity, love, and kick-ass spirit that was stirred up this weekend.

I most definitely hope to sell this show and not disappoint the lovely people that for some reason or another, believed in us enough to help us out. They are amazeballs. And I promise to stop using that term right after this.

Tara Gia AA Tara Gia Lyric Tara Gia Pete Gardner

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Trump Supporters on CONAN!

Well, after the very weird and terrifying Wednesday after the election, I was fortunate enough to get called by the Conan people to come do a HILARIOUS sketch. I think we could all use a little levity, and hopefully begin to start laughing again.

Enjoy! And thanks for the support!

Also cool to be on the homepage again!


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CONAN Sketches are here!

A couple of the Conan O’Brien sketches I did are up and at ’em! I love, love, love working on that show for the obvious reasons (see: impending fame) but also, the crew and everyone who works there is so great. They have the best jobs ever! Anyhow, hope you enjoy some of my very finest acting work…very, very finest.



And on the homepage!


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Sunday Sketch Show at iO!

I’m excited to be performing in the July round of the Sunday Sketch Show at iO West! They throw about 10 strangers together every week, give us a couple days to memorize sketches, three hours to rehearse them, and then voila! Magical! Or something like that.

The best part…tickets are FREE! Use that money to get boozy before the show!

Sundays! July 10, 17, 24, & 31 at 8:00PM

iO West-DCT

6366 Hollywood Blvd., LA, CA 90028


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Rad New Headshots

I had a pretty great (if I do say so myself) headshot session with the super rad Stephanie Girard last week & I’m excited with the results! Here’s a few highlights…

OBrien Tara  - 0914 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 0786 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 0635 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 0536 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 0312 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 1004 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 1230 - Version 2 OBrien Tara  - 0198 OBrien Tara  - 0960 OBrien Tara  - 0705

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I’ve been so very fortunate to work on CONAN a few times in the last month! (No, we aren’t related…that you know of.) What a fun show to work on with a really welcoming and great crew. Have any of the sketches I’ve been in aired yet? Well, no, but who’s counting? I still got to sing backup dressed as a monkey. It’s what all my years in drama school prepped me for!!

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Writing Podcasts…

Hi friends,

I find it impossible to believe that it’s late March, but, Cadbury Creme Eggs are everywhere, so my waistline’s demise is much closer. Thanks, Easter bunny. At any rate, I’ve been doing various classes and finishing some writing projects  and wanted to share a few podcasts that I enjoy! Maybe you’ll enjoy them to…or not. Either way, I’m not in any of them so my feelings are thusly intact.

Children of Tendu


Industry Standard


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Hey Neighbor Sizzle Reel!

Happy holler-days, everyone! The end of the year was just re-goddamn-diculous busy for me, but the most exciting part was my rad improv/sketch group, Hey Neighbor! shot a sizzle reel for a pilot we wrote.  It stars us! What a shock! We’re hoping to pitch that around in the coming year and who knows…maybe your TV will be invaded by a bunch of people who still don’t understand hash-tags!

12212143_1083493731661195_2047711384_n 12208198_1083493624994539_1737647147_n 12231560_1083493591661209_1042437128_n 12212200_1083493588327876_480329226_n 12231484_1083493581661210_1125116973_n 12243843_1083493574994544_1544924769_n 12226792_1083493554994546_175878467_n 12242215_1083493538327881_1891331196_n

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Sue Wong Fashion Show, Alchemy & Masquerade

My bestie Tina-Louise Eckert and I attended Sue Wong’s recent fashion show wearing, what else, but our Sue Wong gowns. The show was awesome, nearly as awesome as the show before and after the show. People in the fashion world don’t give a flying fu–

And IT’S AWESOME. Next year, not to be undone, we will wear a unicorn horn and a pair of bicycle handlebars as our headgear and I imagine, we will get more compliments than we will know what to do with. Get ready for that! In the meantime, some fun pics…


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Two Stand Up Shows, One for Each Leg

Pretty excited to have a couple stand up shows coming up! Hope to see some friendly and non-friendly faces there!

Friday, Oct 2, 7:30PM
Flappers Comedy Club
102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 845-9721
Tickets $15 at the door, or $5 if you contact me directly

Friday, Oct 9, 8:00PM
Shaky Town Live (old Ha Ha Cafe)
5010 Lankershim Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601
(818) 760-4800
Tickets $15

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