Character Reel!

The masterful Dan Oster (MadTV) has completed my character reel!  I had so much fun doing the whole thing and I hope you enjoy it…and forward it to all your friends who want to hire a funny chick.  Or me. Thanks for watching!

Yeah for Doritos!

Off to shoot a Doritos superbowl competition commercial today!  Looking forward to it… I play a girl scout mom…hopefully I’ll come home with loads and loads of thin mints!!  Fun side note: one of the other guys in the commercial was in Sassy Pants with me.  It’s a small, small town…

Herpes Boy!

HERPES BOY, winner of Best Comedy at Comic-Con, is now playing: ON DEMAND on Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable, Comcast, AT&T U-verse, and others! NETFLIX instant viewing (Coming soon so please save it to your queue: iTUNES ( AMAZON.COM instant viewing (; and XBOX, PLAYSTATION,,, and others.  Well done, team!  Hope you …

Herpes Boy! Gimme More!

It’s Twitter Time!

Oh, man, did I find something totes on the pulse of the youth-ies! It’s this cool site called, “Twitter.” I bet it does stuff. If you want to roll your eyes and say, “Jeez!,” out-loud, you should follow me on Twitter. It would be so VERY.​1 Follow @tartarsauce1

Rubber on DVD! Right now!

Great news! You can see people blow up right in the comfort of your own home! Buy RUBBER today! Watch the end credits…you won’t be disappointed…

Rubber! Rubber! Rubber!

Hi everyone! I know RUBBER had been playing for a while now, but in case you haven’t seen it, here is the trailer: The film is also still available for rent OnDemand, on iTunes and!

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