I’ve neglected to post about this until now, but my improv team Brother Bradley (we were a Second City Hollywood team in the before times when multiple people would gather in a room but hopefully that happens again soon), does a weekly ONLINE show every Saturday night at 7:30PM/PST! If you’ve ever wanted to see me do improv, this is your chance! However, please keep in mind if you’ve never been to a live improv show, it’s nothing like this and I miss doing it live so, so terribly. But seeing the beautiful faces of my teammates and navigating how this online space has brought me some much-needed joy.

Hope you tune in and experience some much-needed joy as well! Check out our YouTube channel and we broadcast there every Saturday. You can take a peek at some of our past shows which have ranged from wacky, to super wacky, to, they’re definitely all drinking. If you tune in live though, you get to give us suggestions and we LOVE it!

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