For those of you that don’t know me that well, you should know there is one show I have BEGGED to be in for years and that show is Santasia. It doesn’t matter that it has been and always will be an all-male cast; that will never stop my efforts.  I am meant for that show…and finally, the men of Santasia have finally wised up (that or after 8+ years, I’ve finally worn them down), and I’m in the best sketch they’ve ever done!!

I encourage you to watch and if you’re single, give it a try!  But even more, go—run, don’t walk—to see Santasia.  After 14 years, I think they’ve finally figured out how to make us laugh.  Ends Christmas eve & some nights are already sold out.  So here it is…


You’re welcome.  Now go see www.santasia.com

Happy Holidays!

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