Hey Neighbor Sizzle Reel!

Happy holler-days, everyone! The end of the year was just re-goddamn-diculous busy for me, but the most exciting part was my rad improv/sketch group, Hey Neighbor! shot a sizzle reel for a pilot we wrote.  It stars us! What a shock! We’re hoping to pitch that around in the coming year and who knows…maybe your TV will be invaded by a bunch of people who still don’t understand hash-tags!

12212143_1083493731661195_2047711384_n 12208198_1083493624994539_1737647147_n 12231560_1083493591661209_1042437128_n 12212200_1083493588327876_480329226_n 12231484_1083493581661210_1125116973_n 12243843_1083493574994544_1544924769_n 12226792_1083493554994546_175878467_n 12242215_1083493538327881_1891331196_n

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