ISA Second-Rounder!

I am honored to be named a second-rounder in the ISA fast track program with my feature, Do Not Go Gently. I’m still blown away by the response to this script and hope to share it with the world someday soon!

etsy shops & lady macbeth

This winter got a bit nuts! I had the pleasure to be published in my fave Medium publication GREENER PASTURES two times! Please enjoy my rage channeled into craft soap and iambic pentameter… YOU MADE FUN OF MY ETSY SOAP, SO I SAVED THE WORLD, BITCH “DOES HAND SANITIZER REMOVE BLOOD STAINS?”

Launchpad second-rounder!

I’m over the moon that my feature, DO NOT GO GENTLY, is making some waves in the screenwriting competition world! Honored to be a top contender in another great competition and crossing my fingers everyone will get to see this story on the big screen one day!

podcast movement in nashville

I’m so excited to be attending this year’s Podcast Movement conference. I’ll be with at the BluBrry Podcasting booth so if you’re gonna be there, please come say hello! I am really looking forward to learning even more about podcasting and connecting with some awesome podcasters. See you at the Opryland! I’ll be the one …

podcast movement in nashville Gimme More!


I’m very honored that my brand of snark is shared by others! Honored to be in the company of so many other broken people. My article, “Thank A Rich Person Right Now,” was featured in Age of Awareness on Medium! I love being aware and I love… age? I mean, age is better than not …


Mt. Rushmore Podcast

My oh my, did I have fun talking about something I guess I’m an expert at now… Karen’s? I dug deep to learn about a few of the worst Karens’ in history. What a treat! Listen in to avoid supporting, being, or turning into a KAREN on this fun podcast, Mt. Rushmore Podcast! I also …

Mt. Rushmore Podcast Gimme More!

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