Political science wonk over here. Yes, if I hadn’t mentioned it 100 other times before, I double majored in political science as well as theater at USC which qualifies me to get righteously angry on Twitter (but do it in a dramatic way)!

For anyone that has spent any time around me during any election period, apologies. I research the ballot measures and generally try to gather as much info as I can about the candidates, too. I still find it difficult to make decisions on judges and often try to consult lawyer friends of mine (I am surrounded by lawyers) and even that isn’t always useful. Being informed is not always easy and I understand most people don’t have the time to do the research they’d like to do.

The items that always have of public information available are propositions (ballot initiatives)! Newflash: some props are meant to be tricky! Smart, and mostly wealthy, people and organizations generally get props on the ballot and want their prop or referendum to get passed so they’ll spend tons of money to sway the vote their way. This is why our eyes and ears get BOMBARDED with ads around election time. Which is where I hope to help!

I’m releasing a video on each proposition from now until I just can’t post anymore! I’ll cover props 14-25 which are all on the statewide ballot. I hope you find them helpful and if you don’t, I hope you do your own research and add to an informed electorate (which just means voter who read more than the advertising you get in the mail)! I’m releasing these videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter under the handle @tjpropular! Please follow and share or, ignore and shun!

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