Improv & Sketch

I've been doing improv in and around LA for about none-of-your-business plus years, so basically, the instant I was born. Here are the teams I'm currently a member of.

Brother Bradley

Brother Bradley at Second City

Drug Money

Drug Money

Flappers Improv House Team

Brother Bradley at Second City

Hey Neighbor

Hey Neighbor YouTube Channel


I've performed in and around LA at the Comedy Store, Flappers, and other smaller clubs. I recently performed at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, which was fantastic.


PRETTY DUMB LUCK follows Charlene (Tara Jean O'Brien) and Jessie-Mae (Tina-Louise Eckert), Fresno natives, during and after they win the largest jackpot in the history of the California lottery.

My comedy band...VOMIT!

“Twin” sisters Skye (Analisa Brouet) and Moone (Tara Jean O’Brien) form the two-girl band VOMIT. They rock the house with two guitars, two chords, and numerous rocking songs. Watch out Smothers Brothers and Tenacious D--girl power never rocked so hard or looked so good.

VOMIT! performed regularly at the Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store, as well as appearances at the prestigious Comedy Central Stage, the Ice House, the Ha Ha Café, Westside Eclectic, LAAVA, Women’s Night Out, and other theaters around Los Angeles.


Ode to Billy
Recycle Song

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