Political science wonk over here. Yes, if I hadn’t mentioned it 100 other times before, I double majored in political science as well as theater at USC which qualifies me to get righteously angry on Twitter (but do it in a dramatic way)! For anyone that has spent any time around me during any election …

prop-ular! Gimme More!

The Goonery!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam over at The Goonery to talk about comedy in the world of COVID and alot of other things I don’t remember because I was enjoying a Truly Lemon Hard Seltzer! (Look, this pandemic has been hard on all of us.) Check out what else The Goonery …

The Goonery! Gimme More!

Cinema Craptaculus Podcast

One day we’ll be set free from the clutches of COVID-19 (right??? Oh, please God, right???) but in the meantime, I recently joined the ‘craptaculus’ crew to record a few movie review podcasts! The movies are questionable, and so is our time left on Earth! Might as well listen in!! Doom Annihiliation Velocipastor

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